Franchise Success Stories


Franchisees come from all over the country with different career backgrounds, educational experiences, and life goals. But they all share certain similar qualities, including a track record of achievement, entrepreneurial spirit and skill, and a drive to succeed. The spotlights below highlight a couple of our franchise success stories along the backgrounds of the franchisees.

Matt Miller

Gainesville, FL | Start date: June, 2010

Matt was a general contractor in North Central Florida where he built new homes and did remodeling work. What attracted him to Ram Jack was the ability to get involved with a company that offered a product that he would be fully trained and mentored on. He recognized the need by coming in behind other contractors performing foundation repair.

“Their success is based on my success.” – Matt Miller

Scott Erlewine

Columbia, SC | Start date – April, 2000

Before joining the Ram Jack franchise team, Scott specialized in poured-concrete foundations. The amount of support, our premium products, and not having franchise fees is what attracted him to the business.

“Because of Ram Jack, in a very short period of time, I would consider us foundation repair experts.” – Scott Erlewine