Franchise Training and Support

Ram Jack succeeds because we operate under one fundamental rule: Franchises are not incidental to our business, they ARE our business. This concept drives our franchise training and support system to offer every slice of training necessary for you to accomplish your goals. Our New Franchise Package includes items developed from years of successful business practices. Our on-going training services include business support, production support, technical support, sales support, marketing support, and access to state-of-the art products and equipment.

Business Support

  • Chart of Accounts — A complete accounting system, already set up with the accounts you will use
  • Financial Models — Templates you can use to understand your profitability from a number of viewpoints
  • Franchise Manual — A detailed manual with important information you need to know in order to successfully run a Ram Jack franchise
  • Forms Manual — Sample forms you will need, ready to take to your printer
  • Product Catalog — Specific information on all Ram Jack products

Production Support

As a part of the New Franchise Package, you will receive basic training at our National Support Center, as well as in-field training, and advanced consultations.

Training opportunities include:

  • Use of Equipment
  • Product Knowledge
  • Product Installation
  • Production Efficiency
  • Best Safety Practices
  • Annual Ram Jack Certification at Ram Jack University

Technical Support

Ram Jack offers extensive technical support. We have a full-time engineering team on staff who is trained and experienced in all facets of structural engineering, specializing in structural loading and capacities, building and structural design codes, and engineering software. They are only a phone call or email away when you or an engineer you’re working with needs information on job specifications. In addition to engineering services, Ram Jack offers the following technical training and support:

  • Initial field installation training (on-site) for you and your staff during the production of your first jobs
  • Ram Jack Foundation Solutions® software, free to you (and to engineers with whom you work) which predicts capacity and design spacing for helical piles
  • Engineering manual (print and electronic) with product specifications and engineering data

Sales Support

Using 40+ years of experience in successfully selling and producing foundation repair jobs, we will teach you and your sales staff effective methods of analyzing and documenting causes of foundation problems, creating a plan of repair, and estimating. We offer a number of items to support you and your sales staff, including:

  • Initial sales training
  • Use of digital presentation tools for in-home sales and professional presentations
  • Annual training at Ram Jack University
  • Illustration Manual (print and electronic), developed to give you a track to follow so that the customer understands what to expect and what not to expect
  • Sales brochures available that can be customized and ordered

Marketing Support

We have developed a media package consisting of various advertising materials ready to be customized for your business and placed immediately, saving you time and money in the creative process.

The templates and designs are created by Ram Jack and are available for customization, within brand standards, and ordering.

  • Print media (Yellow Page, Newspaper, and Magazine ads)
  • Television and radio ads
  • Logos and logo standards
  • Variety of promotional materials
  • Vehicle lettering
  • Trade show booths; a representative will work your first trade show with you
  • Engineer DVDs used for prospecting with engineers

Products and Equipment

You will have access to over 300 standard products on-demand and a design-build manufacturing facility. We pride ourselves with 100% on-time delivery and an industry-leading standard in quality and performance.

Equipment setups have been designed through our research and development department to promote efficiency in the field. From special tooling and hydraulics to mobile organization units, packages can be customized for your unique environment at our facilities.