Foundation Repair Business Opportunity

Bearing the best product on the market is more than just a statement for Ram Jack. It means offering our franchisees the ability to better the lives of themselves and those of the community. For those of you in every market with the same desire to achieve the highest level of quality and become the authority on foundation repair, we offer the best franchise opportunity. For more info about us, check out Who We Are.

Future-Focused Opportunity

The key to successful, continual growth is innovation. A great idea at the right time doesn’t come easily. We devote our time and energy into staying on the leading edge of the industry by re-thinking our proven 40 year old practices, as well as exploring niche markets for our products.

Ram Jack employs a full-time research and development staff backed by a team of engineers who are renowned in the industry for innovation, affording us the #1 spot for the ICC (International Code Council)  ESR report and the first LARR.

When new challenges present themselves, Ram Jack rises to the top, diversifying the abilities of the franchises.

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Piling System

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Our drive to design the premium product in the foundation solution market stemmed from inferior methods. What we use today is cutting edge because of what we learned from the past, using these very same systems. From concrete, which doesn’t penetrate deep enough to rely on soil beyond the “Zone of Influence”, to slender steel pilings that get the depth, but not the support. Our system combines the best of both worlds – depth and durability – providing a solution we’re proud to put our name behind.

Our core business consists of Driven Steel piling and Helical steel piling. Between these two systems, we are able to accommodate structures of all types from sign posts, solar panels and homes, all the way to Multi-unit apartment complexes and Highway overpasses.

The Driven Pile System | Over 20 Patented Features
Driven steel piling is used for remedial work on existing structures such as homes or commercial buildings. They are installed by reacting against a heavy structure, driven through the soil, mainly the zone of influence (Strata affected by seasonal cycles) to a load bearing strata that will withstand the loads placed on it throughout variable moisture conditions.

The Helical Pile System | Compression and Tension
Helical Pilings are extremely versatile. They can be utilized in either compression or tension, which allows for use on structures such as tilt walls, retaining walls, and basement walls. Used in place of concrete pilings, Helicals require minimal machinery, do not leave any spoils to be removed, can be installed in any weather, and can be loaded immediately upon install without waiting on concrete to cure. Helicals are verified for capacity during the installation by converting hydraulic pressure to torque, then to capacity. Because they are torqued into the ground, there is no need for an existing structure to react against. They are well suited for light structures, as well as heavy ones, such as interior slabs, porches, and pier and beam homes.